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John's first career was at Bose Corporation.

After earning three degrees in electrical engineering at MIT, his advisor, Dr. Amar Bose, offered him a job as the third engineer (employee #5) at the fledgling Bose Corporation.  John spent 20 years with the company in many capacities, engineering, marketing, and advertising.
While still at Bose, he began shooting with a 4x5 camera.

John saw an exhibit of Eliot Porter's work in the early 70's, and was intrigued. He began to travel with his camera, and went to all the usual places: the National Parks in the western US, etc.  He quickly realized that in order to catch these iconic places without his images mimicking everyone else's, he would have to live there and wait for extraordinary weather.  Coming home to Massachusetts, he began exploring the ever-changing landscapes of New England. He found his niche.
LightSong Fine Art.

After a period of working "half-time" at Bose and half-time at photography, he left the company (although he remained close to Dr. Bose until his death) and focussed entirely on photography in 1990.  His body of work is at
JW Portrait.jpeg
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